Down here you can see a broad range of my work from both commercial and personal projects. I have arranged a large portion of my artworks in different categories. Some images overlap categories and can be shown multiple times.

Further below I have presented a selection of commercial projects from the last couple of years.

You can see more pictures in each category or project by clicking the ‘view more’ button.


Comic for Sensorisch Landschap

This comic was made for Sensorisch Landschap, a company specializing in doing soil-analyses in agriculture, to help improve the quality of the soil and soil ecology. The comic is a sequal to the one I made earlier for Soil4U.


Characterdesign for Skyfritt AS

Skyfrit AS is a cybersecurity company setting up local datavaults in Norway, to make their customers less dependent on unsafe cloudservices. The knowledge they base their work on can be quite technical and difficult to understand at times. Which is why they want to have small explanatory comics making the technical stuff more available. I was assigned to develop these characters for them which they are going to use in their presentation and marketing: Big Tech, Hacker, Little Server, Big Server, Jostein and Ruben (who run Skyfritt).


Christmas cards

A series of christmas cards that I illustrated and sold in 2022. The series features five illustrastions of a christmas ball hanging in the forest with different norwegian animals that explore it.


Häxer logo

I designed this logo for a newly started metalband named Häxer.


Comic for Soil4U

This commission is for an initiative in the Netherlands that works with soil-improvement, stimulation of regenerative farming and open dialogous between farmers, landowners and the city. The goal of this comicbook was illustrate such a dialogue. I wrote the script myself with help by a proffesional dialogue writer. You can see all the pages by clicking the button below.



I made this drawing for ‘Klein wonen magazine’ for their ‘Youtopia’ section. Here they interview a prominent figure that describes their personal utopia. In this case, climate change adapted landscapes, which creates a biome similar as in the Eemien epoch. A network of forest gardens, organically grown architecture and technology based on biomimicry. Drawing was made with pen and coloring was done digitally in Krita.


Norwegian outdoorlife for Dutchsmen

I have written and illustrated a book together with my father that has been published by Uitgeverij Noordboek in the Netherlands, in 2021. The book is about what we, as dutchmen, can learn from the Norwegian outdoorlife-traditions (called Friluftsliv) and how we can use that knowledge within the dutch landscape. The book has 54 illustrations and I have presented a small selection of the total amount.


Pubsign for Hanzebrouwerij De Kroef

In Haaksbergen, the Netherlands, sails the ‘Buurser Pot’; a traditional dutch canal boat, that has it’s harbor the Lankheet estate. The sailors take tourists on daytrips over the Buurser canal. The sailors also got their own brewery, where the guest can drink a beer at the end of the trip.There was need for a pubsign for this brewery, so I got the commission to make one for them.


Icons for Barnfind Technologies

This commission was for Skagerak film AS. They were making a commercial for Barnfind Technologies and they needed small icons to illustrate the content of the information. The challenge was to make small icons that were immediately recognizable as they only were visible for a second each.


Comic for DNT outdoorlife-school

A two page comic made for the Outdoorlife-school(friluftsskolen), DNT i Vestfold. They organize educational camps where they teach norwegian ourdoorlife to children, ages 10 to 13. This comic was meant to help them prepare for the winter activities. Made digitally.


Bookcover to "Wandelen met Meester Li"

Illustration to the cover of “Wandelen met Meester Li”, published in the Netherlands in 2018. The theme of this book is hiking in nature according to taoistic tradition, hence the taoistic inspired illustration. Made with ink and watercolor.


Markedgarden signs

I sell illustrated information signs for CSA’s, parks and markedgardens in Norway. Presented here is only a few examples, but you can see all of them at Information signs.