The websites that I design are static, which means that they do not download external components from other websites. Which has become a convention of late, but has significant drawbacks by slowing down performance and using a lot of unnecessary data. In a static website, all code works on one server only, which is lightning fast to load, uses little data and is more cyber-secure. Additionally I focus on making my code as minimalistic as possible, using almost only html elements styled with CSS. All my websites have a responsive-design, which makes them adjustable to all screen-sizes; from phones to desktop.

Ruben Solvang and I are working together as webdevelopers. We've done quite some projects together and you can see some of them down here.

The Lankheet Estate

This website is for the Lankheet estate near Haaksbergen in the Netherlands. The site has an extensive news-blog which is maintained actively, and informs on the large amount of different activities and experiments that take place here. There was a big focus on the presentation of photographs, so we've had to build several image-galleries.

You can explore the website yourself by clicking here or by clicking on the image.

Sandefjord Fencingclub

This is a website for a fencing club in Norway. The communication went primarely via social media at first, so there was a big need to have it's own informationplatform. The site efficiently informs about the most important topics and gives acces to a lot of extra information that comes with the fencing sport. Additionally, I hade to do a lot of graphics design for the club, by making the logo and drawing several helpful illustrations for the website.

You can explore the website yourself by clicking here or by clicking on the image.


This was quite a special project where we were asked to help develop an interactive multiple choice game for mobile. The game was connected to reality, where players had to wander around in a forest, to discover several spots where they would get acces to the correct questions on their phones. The questions were supposed to educate children on the history of the Viking age. This is only a prototype, so the visual design isn't up to par, but it's ready for the next development. However, I do want include it here, because we learnt a lot on thic project on how we can push html and CSS to its limits in order to create an interactive experience. We'd shown how much you can achieve with very little. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to visit this site, however you can ask me for more information on the project if you are interested.