Information signs

In 2017 me and Tore Jardar from the organic farm Virgenes, a CSA (Community-supported agriculture), decided to work together to make information-signs for his marketgarden. In order to inform his shareholders on which crops were growing and how to harvest/store them. The signs should be universal and applicable to other CSA's in Norway.

Since, I've been designing, writing and illustrating a large amount of signs and have been selling them to CSA's and marketgardens all across Norway.

Down below you can find all of the current signs available. At the moment, the signs are only available in Norwegian.

Product description

The signs are foil-printed on 3mm thick dibond in a regular A4 size. The material can tolerate UV-light and outdoor conditions, however to maximize their lifetime it is advised to store them indoors during the harshest months of winter. The signs can be ordered with or without pre-drilled holes, the position of the holes is marked with a black circle in the pictures below. If you order the signs without holes, the black markers will not be visible.

SkiltDesign AS in Drammen is responsible for the printing and shipping.


The current cost is 374 Norwegian kroners per sign, including VAT. Without VAT the price will be around 300 kroners. The price for shipping is around 500 kroners (VAT included) for the whole package. However you can also pick them up yourselves for free at the printing shop in Drammen, by appointment.

If you want to make an order, be sure to sent me your adress and phonenumber for the delivery.


Down here you can see all the signs on offer. Click on the image to see a larger picture followed by a transcript of the text.